Another Night

Spent the evening finetuning the dialogue system. Decided to try the Paper Mario way of having the dialogue hover above the speaker. We’ll add the graphical tail like a comic book later.

In other news, we haven’t been getting the funding we thought we would through paypal. So the second launch of the Suplex Saga kickstarter really will tell if the project can come out sooner or much later. The demo headlighting it will hopefully let it do better. We’re also going to be scaling down our donation goal, as it seems it was too ambitious and likely scared potential backers. This will also mean we’ll have to scale back our project to whatever we receive. The campaign is planned next year.

We still haven’t gotten ourselves yet on the Nintendo Switch, but based on talks between us and Nintendo, we may be getting an opportunity in January. If that goes well, we’ll be able to finally bring Ohayou! Beginner’s Japanese to it, along with Suplex Saga. We’ll be bringing other new projects we want to try to it, too. Keep the fingers crossed.

Finger Gun Games New Forums

Today, I will like to announce the opening of our new forum. This will be basically our community and developer forums combined, so feel free to sign up.  We will still be using our main websites for blog updates, however, so it’s not being phased out. Suplex Saga backers will get a special subforum access. So for those who donated to our PayPal, make sure to PM the admin when you register your account to notify us.

Finger Gun Games Forum Link

The Conclusion of Suplex Saga Kickstarter

We will like to thank everyone who supported this project as it reaches the 22 hours remaining mark. We appreciate all the interest and we’re aware that we are not going to make the funding. This kickstarter has taught us a lot and we’re going to improve our community outreach to build more awareness and trust in the game. Our next step is creating a demo for people to be able to play so they can experience what we have in mind for the game. Please feel free to follow us on Twitter so you can stay in touch about future Suplex Saga news. You may also sign up for our newsletter on the sidebar. Keep a watch either there or on our Twitter where we’ll announce the release of the demo. Thank you.


Suplex Saga Kickstarter So Far

Hi everyone. First, I will like to thank everyone who chose to back the project thus far. As you’re aware, we’re only 12% into our goal with only ten days remaining. Though it is still possible that we’ll get a spike of backers, if we reach the point where the kickstarter ends and the funding fails, we have an alternative.

For the next four months, we will be working on a demo to present to the public in order to gain awareness and trust. At the time, we will have a paypal set up where you’ll be able to give your funding using the current tiers. You’re free to continue donating throughout production of the game, which will in effect raise you to the other tiers (though be mindful that due to limited supply on some of them, you may not be able to get the rewards of that tier). You can find the PayPal below for future reference or on the sidebar of our website. In addition, due to the circumstances of possible failure of funding, a lot of the physical rewards will be delayed for a bit, though depending on how things go, they may stay on schedule of delivery. This is a notice to let you know that we will still be making the game if the kickstarter fails. Thank you!

Cordero Wilson & Samuel Skidmore