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Hi there! This is Finger Gun Games introducing you to our next project, which we’re planning for Steam Greenlight!

High Impact Slamming Action!

Suplex Saga is an RPG where you play as wrestlers adventuring in a world entirely ran by wrestling. After the top wrestling federation literally destroys your home promotion, you go on a quest across the nation to regain your honor and to get back at those who ruined your career. Along the way, you will meet friends that will assist you, and foes that wish to keep you below the midcard. The game will be filled with reveling stories, captivating characters that may or may not want to give you a piledriver through a table, and an epic quest that won’t involve any searching for ancient crystals.  Only through growing stronger will you be able to take on the top star wrestlers and save the world of wrestling.

Wrestling Meets Final Fantasy!There’s nothing more refreshing than performing a dropkick to your opponent’s face and watching the number 5 pop up as you lower their health. This game mixes the entertainment and back-slamming action of wrestling with the narrative and character development of a 2D RPG. For the first time in history, wrestling clashes with Final Fantasy, so move over all you Fighters and White Mages! There’s some new heroes in town! Players will manage a party of wrestlers of different strengths and weaknesses as they take on foes in turn-based combat. As our underwear and tights wearing heroes travel through the land, they’ll face jobbers, rivals, and superstars of the wrestling world!

Turn-Based Wrestling Action!

Though the game will borrow from Final Fantasy inspirationally, it will use action based combat that Nintendo’s Paper Mario and Super Mario RPG series is more known for.

  • You will press a button rapidly to build up power for a brutal powerbomb.
  • You will fling your analog stick from one side to the other to wind up a clothesline that is sure to knock your foe to the ground.
  • Someone’s lying on the ground? Pounce them and press a button repeatedly with the right timing to rain down blows on their skull.
  • If an enemy attacks you, you can press a button at the right time to defend against it. Time it at the right frame, and you can reduce the damage completely, or even perform a reversal for a counter attack!
  • How about swinging someone into a turnbuckle or irish whipping them into a devastating move!

Fights take place both inside and outside the ring, so don’t be surprised if you’re smashing someone’s head into a car or giving them a neckbreaker off the top of a trashcan. Encounters are not random nor take place on a separate screen, but instead happen in the same field that your characters are moving through. Combat can happen anywhere. That’s right, just like in your favorite rpg Chrono Trigger! And when they do, no matter where it is, you’ll have a referee around keeping watch of the fight. Though the street has little rules, there still needs to be some manner of fair play in the honorable combat of wrestling entertainment. If you count smashing a chair against the head of your enemy honorable. As you perform moves successfully and build up HEAT, you can spend it to increase the potency of your moves or pull off your SIGNATURE FINISHER (assuming conditions are met). But don’t bore the crowd, or you won’t get much HEAT or bonus power to your moves! The game encourages you to mix it up now and again! When in battles, there will be random objectives given that if you meet them, you’ll get extra loot upon victory. If it tells you to perform three diving moves off a high height, then go for it! That’s not all! Battles are rated between 1 and 5 stars. Get a high rating to further improve your rewards. Rumor has it there’s a possible 6-star rating…

While games like Final Fantasy have classes, Suplex Saga has wrestling styles. You’ll be able to customize your wrestler to your fitting by assigning them different skills from a host of different styles, such as Technical (your standard mat and slam wrestler), Powerhouse (the strongman, the big guy), Submission (you like making people tap out), Showman (the show off; think Bard from Final Fantasy)Hardcore (the wrestler specializes in weaponry and environmental brutality), to name a few. There’s a lot more than these. These styles will decide your moveset and your character’s stats.

All these features exist to allow you to tailor your party to how you wish to play them. Though that big musclehead you picked up in Macho City is a well known powerhouse and brawler, you can change him into an over-the-ropes, off-the-turnbuckle high flyer with some tweaking. And that girl with the pretty smile that is normally good at submissions and showing off can become as strong as the big hitters themselves. Though it may seem like you can outfit your party with the same strengths, it will be important to create a well rounded team to cover each other’s weaknesses, as different moves and styles impart different limitations on the wrestlers themselves. Your team may all be very physically strong, but they’ll have a hard time catching faster foes or hitting people with their slow attacks. And there’s no point trying to have everyone be submission experts when going against another submission fighter or a guy that is too strong to tap out. You would need to soften him up first! Every wrestler that joins your party will have unique traits despite the depth of customization, so there will be a reason for bringing on specific people or for tailoring them to specific styles.


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